Were can we pay club fees?
Students can pay treasurers(Tae Lee and Anna Fox) before or after school.

Can we pay club fees by check?
No(unless we specifically specify otherwise) also do not pay in $50 or $100 bills.

How do we know if my child is going to competition?
Check the list on Koski’s cork-board, or ask an officer(again before or after school).

Where is Koski’s room?
Room 106A

Where do I get information about competitions?
You can get information from the calendar on this website or from the email list. Have students ask an officer a question if more information is needed.

Why wasn’t my child chosen for a competition?
There are more qualified club members, but going to practice and putting in effort will increase your chances of being selected.

How do I join the email list?
Add your email to this form:https://goo.gl/forms/CpoHuDxsrdFgcZxl2

We have a question not on this list?
Have students ask an officer about these questions

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